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Giken technology

Giken ltd. is one of the world’s leading firms in manufacturing equipment for silent piling. The firm was founded in 1967. In 1975 the first silent piler was taken into production using the reactive force of piling.

Silent piling – this is a soundless and environmentally friendly method of drilling in sheet piles without any dynamic influence on the soil, existing constructions and surrounding buildings, with an exact control on each drilled pile facilitating work in the vicinity of buildings of historical value. The technology does not depend on any type of soil and can be used for the construction of a pile field on any soil type, excluding rock.


Today the firm produces new generation silent pilers for drilling Z- and U- type sheet piles, as well as tubular piles. The pilers are available in a full range, allowing to select the most effective equipment for each individual project. There are three main configurations for the equipment:
– standard, allowing for drilling in soil – 20SPT
– piler with water jet allowing for drilling in soil – 50SPT
– piler with auger head, allowing for drilling in heavy soil – 50SPT and above.​

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