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Innovative technology of reinforcing the foundation pit

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

professional seminar at the Expo Georgia Exhibition Center, on April 26

On April 26, 2018, a professional seminar was held in the exhibition center "Expo Georgia": "Innovative technology of reinforcing the foundation pit using metal beams and Japanese equipment" representatives of Dutch, Luxembourg, Swiss and Japanese partner companies took part in the seminar, who shared their many years of experience with Georgian engineers, constructors, architects. and various companies working in the field of construction. Georgian colleagues Giorgi Saamishvli (Domus company) and Avtandil Jabauri (CMC company) also spoke about the advantages of using shput together with foreign colleagues. The honorary guest of the seminar was Mrs. Flor Nerton Elsinkha, the representative of the Dutch Embassy in Georgia. At the end of the seminar, two winning companies were identified, which became participants of the educational tour in Holland and Japan.

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