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Information about the drawing of a trip to the construction- educational project planned by "Erti"

The company "Erti" together with its partner companies is planning to organize an informative tour in Europe and Japan in the fall of 2018. (date to be confirmed). The tour involves visiting and learning about factories that manufacture metal beams and related equipment. The company will give away two trips for construction companies at a professional seminar held on April 26, 2018 (about the seminar, see the link. One trip - for the Japan tour, one for the Europe tour. Our company will fully cover the travel and hotel expenses. Besides, anyone can participate in the tour. at his own expense.

Rules of the draw:

To attend the seminar and participate in the raffle, you must confirm your attendance by email before April 25. To the mail: / 599515294 / where you indicate your name, surname and the company you represent. A ticket will be made in the name of the company, which you will then place in a special box, from which two winners will be selected based on the principle of blind selection. After that, the winning company itself will select one representative (the representative must be of the relevant profession) who will participate in the winning round. Note that companies working in construction, architectural and engineering fields can participate in the draw.

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