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ერთი • erti In Amsterdam

Informational tour organized by the construction company "Erti", took place on January 21-25th, 2019, visiting different cities of The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.

Several meetings were arranged with the partners of “Erti” from various countries:

"Nord Metallica Nederland" - Netherlands.

"ArcelorMittal" - Luxemburg.

"Giken" - Japan.

"Gooimeer" – The Netherlands.

"PROJECT KANAALDOK" in the Port of Antwerpen (Belgium)

Invited members of the Georgian team were:

"GIPN" - Otar Kvrivishvili (Constructor).

"CMC" - Avtandil Jabauri (Project Manager).

"Midamo" - Giorgi Samkharadze (Architect).

"Grappa" - Lela Gurgenidze (Architect).

"+A_The Architects" - Marekh Gorgiladze (Architect, Winner of the raffle held after the seminar on April 26th, 2018).

Our host company “Nord Metallica Nederland” showed us Amsterdam, organized a seminar in their office with the representatives of the Japanese company Giken Mr.Takino and Mr.Toshifumi about the last Silent Piler technologies.


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